2023-2024 Spring Courses

Average GPA and Letter Grades for Courses offered by Bilkent University in 2023-2024 Spring Semester.

ACC 476Graduation Project in Accounting Information Systems and Auditing1.85 C-
ADA 131Architectural Drawing2.51 C+
ADA 134Designing with Digital Media2.64 C+
ADA 264History of Built Environment II2.43 C+
ADA 265How Houses Build People3.18 B
AMER 116Methods and Texts II2.58 C+
AMER 196Introduction to American Studies II3.02 B
AMER 208American Texts and Contexts II2.75 B-
AMER 294American History II2.73 B-
AMER 304Film Studies in American Culture Since 19602.59 C+
AMER 358American Intellectual History II2.67 C+
AMER 374American Poetry3.17 B
AMER 384American Novel From 19002.80 B-
AMER 390Summer Training IIN/A X
AMER 406Senior Project3.22 B
AMER 426American Studies in a Global Context2.90 B-
AMER 478Science Fiction in American Culture3.09 B
AMER 481Theories of American Culture: An Ethnographic Approach2.54 C+
AMER 492Gender Studies in American Culture2.92 B-
ARCH 202Architectural Design Studio II2.90 B-
ARCH 221Fundamentals of Architecture2.62 C+
ARCH 231Statics and Strength of Materials2.20 C
ARCH 252Construction and Materials2.57 C+
ARCH 290Summer Practice IN/A X
ARCH 302Architectural Design Studio IV2.91 B-
ARCH 332Structural Design II2.42 C+
ARCH 342Environmental Technology2.44 C+
ARCH 390Summer Practice IIN/A X
ARCH 402Architectural Design Studio VI3.12 B
ARCH 411Conservation of Historical Environments2.70 B-
ARCH 412Studies in Historical Built EnvironmentNew Course X
ARCH 418Professional Practice3.08 B
ARCH 514Architectural Readings3.51 B+
ARCH 550Current Issues in Architectural Design3.75 A-
ARCH 564Space and Culture3.71 A-
ARCH 599Master's ThesisN/A X
CHEM 101Principles of Chemistry I2.59 C+
CHEM 102Principles of Chemistry II2.61 C+
CHEM 111Chemistry for the Society and Planet2.95 B-
CHEM 201Materials Science and Technology2.48 C+
CHEM 212Analytical Chemistry II2.33 C+
CHEM 213Analytical Chemistry Laboratory I2.90 B-
CHEM 232Organic Chemistry II2.24 C
CHEM 236Organic Chemistry Laboratory II3.33 B+
CHEM 301Processing and Applications of Materials2.94 B-
CHEM 324Physical Chemistry II2.73 B-
CHEM 328Quantum Chemistry II2.45 C+
CHEM 340Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 3.33 B+
CHEM 342Inorganic Chemistry II2.59 C+
CHEM 418Photochemistry and PhotophysicsNew Course X
CHEM 420DIY Instrument Making: How to build in-house spectrometers and analytical devices3.13 B
CHEM 422Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics2.37 C+
CHEM 426Interfaces for Chemistry, Biology and NanotechnologyNew Course X
CHEM 431Organic Chemistry III2.84 B-
CHEM 491Senior Project I2.06 C
CHEM 492Senior Project II2.45 C+
CHEM 504Group Theory and its Chemical Applications3.16 B
CHEM 518Photochemistry and PhotophysicsNew Course X
CHEM 520DIY Instrument Making: How to build in-house spectrometers and analytical devices3.11 B
CHEM 524Interfaces for Chemistry, Biology and NanotechnologyNew Course X
CHEM 531Advanced Organic Chemistry I3.52 B+
CHEM 537Supramolecular ChemistryNew Course X
CHEM 552Special Topics in Physical Chemistry II3.90 A-
CHEM 591Graduate Seminar IN/A X
CHEM 599Master's ThesisN/A X
CHEM 691Advanced Seminar IN/A X
CHEM 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
CI 508Assessing Student Learning and Progress3.55 B+
CI 509Thesis Seminar IN/A X
CI 511Curriculum in an International Context3.64 B+
CI 515Trends and Issues in Instruction and Assessment3.66 B+
CI 517Learning Theories and Practice3.83 A-
CI 532Written Academic Discourse 3.40 B+
CI 542Principles of Instructional Design3.70 A-
CI 599Master's ThesisN/A X
CI 602Curriculum: Perspectives and Practice 3.96 A-
CI 605Educational Research Methods 3.66 B+
CI 690Dissertation SeminarN/A X
CI 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
COMD 102Visual Communication Design II2.59 C+
COMD 103Integrated Visual Communication2.36 C+
COMD 203Media Studies I2.67 C+
COMD 204Media Studies II2.61 C+
COMD 210Introduction to Screenwriting2.84 B-
COMD 282Media and Design Studio II2.76 B-
COMD 321Analysis of Moving Image2.79 B-
COMD 322Film Theory and Criticism2.83 B-
COMD 335Science Writing and Journalism3.06 B
COMD 344Experimental Film and Media - Theory and Practice 2.49 C+
COMD 354Game Design and Research2.77 B-
COMD 356Digital Culture2.66 C+
COMD 357Multimedia Journalism3.13 B
COMD 358Professional Communication 2.90 B-
COMD 364Video Production for Non-majors 3.04 B
COMD 365Character Animation and Sequential Storytelling3.10 B
COMD 382Media and Design Studio IV2.92 B-
COMD 390Summer Practice IIN/A X
COMD 409Advanced Broadcast Studio3.48 B+
COMD 422Advanced Issues in Communication Studies2.59 C+
COMD 434Special Topics in Journalism3.42 B+
COMD 461Public Relations and Communication Campaigns2.79 B-
COMD 482Visual Communication Project II3.20 B
COMD 511Research Methods3.37 B+
COMD 527Creative Sound Design and Synthesis3.59 B+
COMD 538Adaptation in Media3.89 A-
COMD 566Documentary Form and Practice 3.82 A-
COMD 590Seminar in Research TopicsN/A X
COMD 599Master's ThesisN/A X
CS 101Algorithms and Programming I2.82 B-
CS 102Algorithms and Programming II2.83 B-
CS 115Introduction to Programming in Python2.51 C+
CS 121Introduction to Computer Applications and Programming2.73 B-
CS 125Introduction to Data Analysis for Social Sciences2.47 C+
CS 154Introduction to Web Design2.81 B-
CS 201Fundamental Structures of Computer Science I2.40 C+
CS 202Fundamental Structures of Computer Science II2.37 C+
CS 223Digital Design2.38 C+
CS 224Computer Organization2.47 C+
CS 281Computers and Data Organization2.66 C+
CS 299Summer Training IN/A X
CS 315Programming Languages2.44 C+
CS 319Object-Oriented Software Engineering2.70 B-
CS 342Operating Systems2.44 C+
CS 353Database Systems 2.43 C+
CS 390Individual Research Study3.33 B+
CS 399Summer Training IIN/A X
CS 413Software Engineering Project Management2.53 C+
CS 421Computer Networks2.62 C+
CS 439Automated Program RepairNew Course X
CS 443Cloud Computing2.83 B-
CS 453Application Lifecycle Management2.74 B-
CS 458Software Verification and Validation2.60 C+
CS 464Introduction to Machine Learning2.46 C+
CS 473Algorithms I2.20 C
CS 474Algorithms II2.29 C
CS 475Data Privacy3.34 B+
CS 476Automata Theory and Formal Languages2.12 C
CS 478Computational Geometry2.93 B-
CS 481Bioinformatics Algorithms2.57 C+
CS 484Introduction to Computer Vision2.87 B-
CS 485Deep Generative Networks3.37 B+
CS 489Teaching Project in Computer Engineering 3.33 B+
CS 490Senior Research Project3.86 A-
CS 492Senior Design Project II3.58 B+
CS 502Algorithms II3.17 B
CS 539Automated Program Repair New Course X
CS 555Introduction to Computer Vision3.26 B
CS 564Computational Geometry3.40 B+
CS 573Algorithms I2.80 B-
CS 577Data Privacy3.60 B+
CS 583Bioinformatics Algorithms3.42 B+
CS 585Deep Generative Networks3.67 B+
CS 590Research Seminar IN/A X
CS 599Master's ThesisN/A X
CS 683Cloud Computing 3.40 B+
CS 690Research Seminar IIN/A X
CS 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
CTIS 151Introduction to Programming2.62 C+
CTIS 152Algorithms and Data Structures2.42 C+
CTIS 163Discrete Mathematics 2.34 C+
CTIS 164Technical Mathematics with Programming 2.65 C+
CTIS 165Fundamentals of Information Systems2.51 C+
CTIS 166Information Technologies2.24 C
CTIS 186Business Computer Applications2.74 B-
CTIS 221Object Oriented Programming2.52 C+
CTIS 222Object Oriented Analysis and Design2.21 C
CTIS 255Frontend Web Technologies2.44 C+
CTIS 256Introduction to Backend Development2.29 C
CTIS 261Fundamentals of Computer Networks1.93 C-
CTIS 262Applied Computer Networks2.16 C
CTIS 264Computer Algorithms2.77 B-
CTIS 285Hospitality Industry Computerization2.61 C+
CTIS 286Food and Beverage Computer Applications2.06 C
CTIS 290Summer InternshipN/A X
CTIS 310Semester Internship3.88 A-
CTIS 359Principles of Software Engineering2.11 C
CTIS 363Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems 3.36 B+
CTIS 365Applied Data Analysis2.31 C+
CTIS 417Software Design Patterns2.15 C
CTIS 456Senior Project II3.25 B
CTIS 470Cross-platform Application DevelopmentNew Course X
CTIS 471Introduction to Applied Machine LearningNew Course X
CTIS 474Information Systems Auditing2.68 C+
CTIS 479C# Programming in the .NET Framework2.73 B-
CTIS 480iOS Application Development2.51 C+
CTIS 487Mobile Application Development2.63 C+
CTIS 493Information Systems Project Management2.37 C+
CTIS 496Computer and Network Security2.53 C+
ECON 101Introduction to Economics I2.29 C
ECON 102Introduction to Economics II1.96 C-
ECON 103Principles of Economics2.39 C+
ECON 107Principles of Microeconomics2.18 C
ECON 108Principles of Macroeconomics2.25 C
ECON 203Microeconomic Theory I2.09 C
ECON 204Microeconomic Theory II2.38 C+
ECON 205Macroeconomic Theory I2.12 C
ECON 206Macroeconomic Theory II2.36 C+
ECON 207Economic Theory for Engineers2.37 C+
ECON 221Introduction to Probability and Statistics I2.24 C
ECON 222Introduction to Probability and Statistics II2.17 C
ECON 225Mathematics for Economists2.06 C
ECON 301Econometrics I1.90 C-
ECON 321Financial Institutions and Markets2.55 C+
ECON 322Monetary Economics2.58 C+
ECON 331International Trade2.54 C+
ECON 363History of Economic Thought2.24 C
ECON 399Summer Training N/A X
ECON 402Seminar in Macroeconomic Policy 3.16 B
ECON 433Industrial Economics I2.36 C+
ECON 437Political Economy3.29 B
ECON 439Game Theory I2.52 C+
ECON 440Game Theory II2.54 C+
ECON 444Bargaining Theory and Experiments in Economics2.76 B-
ECON 449Data Science with Economic Applications2.92 B-
ECON 455Institutions and Development2.62 C+
ECON 492Turkish and World Economy After 19602.40 C+
ECON 504Microeconomic Theory II3.26 B
ECON 506Macroeconomic Theory II3.48 B+
ECON 510Probability and Statistics II2.95 B-
ECON 511Econometrics INew Course X
ECON 516Mathematics for Economists II3.04 B
ECON 541Economics of Labor Market3.68 B+
ECON 592Masters Pre-Thesis Seminar IIN/A X
ECON 596Research Paper IIN/A X
ECON 599Master's ThesisN/A X
ECON 692Ph.D. Pre-Thesis Seminar IIN/A X
ECON 696Research Methods in Economics II4.00 A
ECON 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
EDEB 201Introduction to Turkish Fiction3.42 B+
EDEB 402Introduction to Turkish Literature II3.09 B
EDEB 520Literary Traditions of Turkey3.91 A-
EDEB 599Master's ThesisN/A X
EEE 102Introduction to Digital Circuit Design2.26 C
EEE 202Circuit Theory2.12 C
EEE 211Analog Electronics2.38 C+
EEE 212Microprocessors2.43 C+
EEE 299Summer Training IN/A X
EEE 313Electronic Circuit Design1.71 C-
EEE 321Signals and Systems2.14 C
EEE 342Feedback Control Systems2.33 C+
EEE 351Engineering Electromagnetics2.17 C
EEE 361Linear Algebra in Data Analysis and Machine Learning2.19 C
EEE 391Basics of Signals and Systems2.23 C
EEE 392Individual Research Study3.89 A-
EEE 399Summer Training IIN/A X
EEE 415Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits2.79 B-
EEE 424Digital Signal Processing2.12 C
EEE 429Photonics3.23 B
EEE 431Digital Communications2.37 C+
EEE 432Advanced Digital Communications3.04 B
EEE 440Advanced Mathematics for Signals, Systems, Control and Communications3.40 B+
EEE 444Robust Feedback Theory2.14 C
EEE 474Foundations of Magnetic Resonance Imaging2.56 C+
EEE 485Statistical Learning and Data Analytics2.54 C+
EEE 491Electrical and Electronics Engineering Design I2.60 C+
EEE 492Senior Project3.62 B+
EEE 494Industrial Design Project II3.74 A-
EEE 495Electrical and Electronics Engineering Design II3.44 B+
EEE 515Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits3.28 B
EEE 522Optical Information Processing 3.84 A-
EEE 525Advanced Signal Processing3.36 B+
EEE 529Photonics3.08 B
EEE 530Advanced Digital Communications3.31 B+
EEE 539Detection and Estimation Theory3.45 B+
EEE 540Advanced Mathematics for Signals, Systems, Control and Communications3.08 B
EEE 544Robust Feedback Theory3.07 B
EEE 549Nanoscale Fabrication Technologies for Semiconductors3.51 B+
EEE 574Foundations of Magnetic Resonance Imaging3.30 B+
EEE 585Statistical Learning and Data Analytics3.19 B
EEE 591Graduate Seminar IN/A X
EEE 592Graduate Seminar IIN/A X
EEE 599Master's ThesisN/A X
EEE 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
ELIT 164Concepts in Literary Studies2.74 B-
ELIT 230Fiction and Narrative2.69 C+
ELIT 246Drama and Performance2.99 B-
ELIT 256Civil War, Restoration, Revolution2.89 B-
ELIT 290Summer Training IN/A X
ELIT 366Victorian Literature2.79 B-
ELIT 389The Victorian Period. Attitudes, Values, and Ideas2.70 B-
ELIT 390Summer Training IIN/A X
ELIT 392Literary Theory2.70 B-
ELIT 395Literary Visions of Freedom 2.94 B-
ELIT 440Literary Imagination and the End of the World3.00 B
ELIT 445The Modern Pastoral2.80 B-
ELIT 458Literature and Philosophy in Nineteenth-Century British Culture1.94 C-
ELIT 465Jane Austen2.84 B-
ELIT 478Post-War Literature3.19 B
ELIT 490Senior Project 3.11 B
EMBA 521Business Law3.67 B+
EMBA 544Foundations of Financial Management IN/A X
EMBA 545Foundations of Financial Management II0.74 X
EMBA 554Foundations of Marketing Management IN/A X
EMBA 555Foundations of Marketing Management IIN/A X
EMBA 556Managing Markets, Growth and ChangeN/A X
ENG 101English and Composition I2.71 B-
ENG 102English and Composition II2.97 B-
ENG 118Advanced English Grammar II2.59 C+
ENG 206Business Communications3.50 B+
ENG 312Introduction to Creative Writing3.18 B
ENG 401Technical Report Writing and Presentation3.34 B+
FA 102Basic Design II2.64 C+
FA 103Drawing I3.32 B+
FA 104Drawing II3.24 B
FA 106Foundation Studio II2.83 B-
FA 131Technical Drawing2.33 C+
FA 132Design Graphics 2.37 C+
FA 171Introduction to Art, Design and Culture I2.58 C+
FA 172Introduction to Art, Design and Culture II2.70 B-
FA 202Art Studio II3.33 B+
FA 204Drawing IV3.76 A-
FA 208Anatomical Figure Drawing 3.48 B+
FA 211Introduction to Painting I3.22 B
FA 212Introduction to Painting II3.60 B+
FA 213Introduction to Printmaking I3.59 B+
FA 214Introduction to Printmaking II3.50 B+
FA 215Introduction to Sculpture I3.15 B
FA 217Introduction to Ceramics I3.30 B+
FA 219Ancient Techniques and New Technology in Mosaic3.30 B+
FA 271History of Art 2.80 B-
FA 290Summer Practice IN/A X
FA 302Art Studio IV3.48 B+
FA 390Summer Practice IIN/A X
FA 402Art Studio VI - Degree Project3.73 A-
FA 462Senior Seminar3.63 B+
FA 467Curatorial Studies INew Course X
FA 473Contemporary Turkish ArtNew Course X
GE 100Orientation3.78 A-
GE 250Collegiate Activities Program IN/A X
GE 251Collegiate Activities Program II3.62 B+
GE 301Science Technology and Society3.03 B
GE 304Technology Society and Professional Development Seminar3.38 B+
GE 400Transdisciplinary Senior Project3.66 B+
GE 402Innovative Design and Entrepreneurship II2.68 C+
GE 420Applied Sustainable Business Development3.63 B+
GE 461Introduction to Data Science2.42 C+
GE 500Research Methods and Academic Publication EthicsN/A X
GE 512Quantitative Data Analysis3.60 B+
GE 513Qualitative Research Methods3.37 B+
GE 590Academic PracticesN/A X
GE 690Academic PracticesN/A X
GRA 132Lettering and Introduction to Typography3.00 B
GRA 202Graphic Design II3.32 B+
GRA 207Conceptual Design3.32 B+
GRA 209Graphic Design for Non-Majors3.39 B+
GRA 211Typography I2.85 B-
GRA 212Typography II2.97 B-
GRA 219Advanced Photography3.08 B
GRA 290Summer Practice IN/A X
GRA 302Graphic Design IV3.15 B
GRA 316Interface Design Studio2.76 B-
GRA 317Motion Design Studio2.94 B-
GRA 324Photographic Practice2.89 B-
GRA 325Visual Literacy3.37 B+
GRA 341History of Graphic Art2.92 B-
GRA 390Summer Practice IIN/A X
GRA 402Graphic Design VI3.11 B
GRA 421Illustration I3.34 B+
GRA 423Professional Practice3.44 B+
GRA 590Seminar in Research TopicsN/A X
GRA 599Master's ThesisN/A X
HART 117Ways of Seeing: Approaches to Art and Architectural History2.63 C+
HART 120Human Evolution and World Prehistory2.72 B-
HART 126Fieldwork Methodologies in Archaeology2.94 B-
HART 208Roman Art and Archaeology2.93 B-
HART 219Anatolian Archaeology, Neolithic to the Iron Age3.03 B
HART 221Great Discoveries from the Ancient World 3.15 B
HART 225Cultural Anthropology3.04 B
HART 227Greek Archaeology3.07 B
HART 232Ancient Greek II2.71 B-
HART 240Latin II3.01 B
HART 303Greek SculptureNew Course X
HART 325The World of the Hittites2.84 B-
HART 348Coloring Greek and Roman Antiquity: Mosaics, Paintings and SculpturesNew Course X
HART 399Summer Practice IN/A X
HART 400Senior Project3.49 B+
HART 401Summer Practice IIN/A X
HART 410Special Topics in Art, Architecture and Archaeology 3.52 B+
HART 415Ceramics for Field Archaeologists4.00 A
HART 426Ancient Technologies and Materials2.58 C+
HART 436Archaeological Method and Theory3.06 B
HART 501Issues in Archaeological Theory3.41 B+
HART 514Readings in Classical Archaeology3.58 B+
HART 531Ceramics for Field Archaeologists4.00 A
HART 552Ancient Greek II3.05 B
HART 554Ancient Greek IVNew Course X
HART 564Latin II2.14 C
HART 590SeminarN/A X
HART 599Master's ThesisN/A X
HCIV 101History of Civilization I3.02 B
HCIV 102History of Civilization II3.19 B
HIST 200History of Turkey 3.56 B+
HIST 205An Introduction to the History of the Ottoman Empire3.55 B+
HIST 209History of Turkey3.47 B+
HIST 402Ottoman Turkish and Paleography II3.84 A-
HIST 412Ottoman History: 1600-19143.62 B+
HIST 414Byzantine History II: 1025-14533.20 B
HIST 418Modern Europe (1453-1914)3.27 B
HIST 427The United States and the Second World War 3.39 B+
HIST 432History of the United States from the Reconstruction3.61 B+
HIST 482Latin for Medieval and Early Modern History II3.32 B+
HIST 490Field Related SeminarN/A X
HIST 502Ottoman Paleography II4.00 A
HIST 508Methodology in History II3.86 A-
HIST 512Ottoman Social and Economic History II4.00 A
HIST 559Economic History, the Rise of Capitalism3.49 B+
HIST 569Cultural History of the Ottoman Empire INew Course X
HIST 599Master's ThesisN/A X
HIST 692Pre-Thesis SeminarN/A X
HIST 693Pre-Thesis SeminarN/A X
HIST 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
HIST 704Medieval Nobilities3.65 B+
HIST 707The United States and the Second World War3.92 A-
HIST 5516The Vikings3.63 B+
HIST 5519Greek Orthodox Communities of the Ottoman EmpireNew Course X
HUM 111Cultures Civilizations and Ideas I2.79 B-
HUM 112Cultures Civilizations and Ideas II2.89 B-
IAED 202Interior Design Studio II2.72 B-
IAED 211Media for Representation 2.60 C+
IAED 221Human Factors2.63 C+
IAED 244Lighting Design2.70 B-
IAED 252Construction and Materials II2.36 C+
IAED 290Summer Practice IN/A X
IAED 302Interior Design Studio IV2.75 B-
IAED 322People and Environment2.60 C+
IAED 342Sustainable Design for Interiors2.62 C+
IAED 390Summer Practice IIN/A X
IAED 393Visionary and Future Environments3.32 B+
IAED 394TV Set Design3.26 B
IAED 402Interior Design Studio VI2.96 B-
IAED 418Interior Design: Professional Practice2.95 B-
IAED 463History of Furniture2.48 C+
IAED 481Product Detailing StudioNew Course X
IAED 502Graduate Studio II3.61 B+
IAED 514Research Methods II3.65 B+
IAED 524Construction of Design as a Social Practice3.78 A-
IAED 599Master's ThesisN/A X
IAED 690Seminar in Advanced Research TopicsN/A X
IAED 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
IE 102A Process Outlook for Industrial Engineering2.71 B-
IE 202Introduction to Modeling and Optimization2.54 C+
IE 272Manufacturing Processes and Operations Analysis2.43 C+
IE 299Summer Training IN/A X
IE 303Modeling and Methods in Optimization2.03 C
IE 324Simulation2.41 C+
IE 325Stochastic Models2.25 C
IE 342Engineering Economic Analysis2.41 C+
IE 375Production Planning2.47 C+
IE 376Production Information Systems2.76 B-
IE 380Quality Control and Improvement2.57 C+
IE 399Summer Training IIN/A X
IE 400Principles of Engineering Management2.58 C+
IE 411Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization3.20 B
IE 421Introduction to Stochastic Processes3.04 B
IE 443Multi-Objective Decision Analysis2.96 B-
IE 448Financial Issues in Engineering Projects2.86 B-
IE 451Applied Data Analysis2.59 C+
IE 457Sustainable Operations2.86 B-
IE 467Emerging Trends in Manufacturing 2.56 C+
IE 469Industrial Applications of Operations Research2.94 B-
IE 478Systems Design - Synthesis3.54 B+
IE 482Humanitarian Logistics2.72 B-
IE 486Computational Optimization2.59 C+
IE 489Teaching Project in IE and OR3.28 B
IE 490Introduction to Research in IE and OR I3.96 A-
IE 491Introduction to Research in IE and OR II2.55 C+
IE 496Seminar in Production SystemsN/A X
IE 521Stochastic Processes3.16 B
IE 546Continuous - Time FinanceNew Course X
IE 586Computational Optimization3.53 B+
IE 590Research Topics in IE and ORN/A X
IE 599Master's ThesisN/A X
IE 690Advanced Research Topics in IE and ORN/A X
IE 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
IR 101Introduction to World Politics2.26 C
IR 205Diplomatic History 2.57 C+
IR 214Global Environmental Issues2.90 B-
IR 215Introduction to Middle Eastern Politics2.88 B-
IR 227Research Methods in International Relations 2.61 C+
IR 23620th Century World Politics2.56 C+
IR 303International Law 2.13 C
IR 305International Organizations2.46 C+
IR 311Russian History2.70 B-
IR 319Diplomatic Correspondence3.29 B
IR 322International and European Protection of Human Rights2.86 B-
IR 333Foreign Policy Analysis2.78 B-
IR 335International Relations Theory2.51 C+
IR 338Politics of International Economy2.54 C+
IR 358International Security2.94 B-
IR 362Decolonization and International Relations3.15 B
IR 399Summer TrainingN/A X
IR 413Game Theory and International Politics2.49 C+
IR 439Turkish Foreign Policy 2.86 B-
IR 441Latin American Politics3.00 B
IR 488Security and Strategy2.82 B-
IR 501International Relations Theory3.44 B+
IR 509Pre-thesis SeminarN/A X
IR 513Game Theory and International Policy3.70 A-
IR 599Master's ThesisN/A X
IR 626International Political Economy3.78 A-
IR 690Pre-Thesis SeminarN/A X
IR 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
IR 4116International Logistics2.79 B-
IR 4121Intervention in International Relations2.79 B-
IR 4130Foreign Policy and Public Opinion3.05 B
IR 5103American Politics and Foreign Policy3.50 B+
LAUD 202Design Studio II: Housing 2.76 B-
LAUD 232Landscape Representation3.17 B
LAUD 241Landscape Plants2.90 B-
LAUD 252Site Design Techniques2.95 B-
LAUD 290Summer Practice IIN/A X
LAUD 302Design Studio IV: City Center3.01 B
LAUD 342Planting Design Studio3.06 B
LAUD 372Analysis of Urban Environment3.28 B
LAUD 390Summer Practice IIIN/A X
LAUD 402Senior Design Studio II: Graduation Projects3.16 B
LAUD 404Senior Design Research3.15 B
LAUD 418Professional Practice3.34 B+
LAW 102Roman Law (in Turkish)2.20 C
LAW 103Constitutional Law (in Turkish)2.43 C+
LAW 104Turkish Constitutional Law (in Turkish)2.41 C+
LAW 105Civil Law: Introductory Provisions and Natural Persons (in Turkish)2.17 C
LAW 106Legal Persons and Family Law (in Turkish)2.93 B-
LAW 201Law of Obligations I (in Turkish)2.47 C+
LAW 202Law of Obligations II (in Turkish)2.96 B-
LAW 204Criminal Law II (in Turkish)2.49 C+
LAW 205Administrative Law (in Turkish)2.25 C
LAW 206Administrative Judiciary (in Turkish)2.46 C+
LAW 210Basic Concepts of Law (in Turkish)2.75 B-
LAW 211Basic Concepts of Law2.87 B-
LAW 216Introduction to Anglo-American Law3.53 B+
LAW 302Civil Procedure II (in Turkish)2.28 C
LAW 304Private International Law (in Turkish)2.74 B-
LAW 306Law of Property II (in Turkish)2.66 C+
LAW 307Commercial Enterprise Law (in Turkish)2.41 C+
LAW 308Company Law (in Turkish)2.33 C+
LAW 313Business Law (in Turkish)2.95 B-
LAW 315Administrative Law (in Turkish)2.22 C
LAW 358Criminal Law Special Provisions (in Turkish)2.33 C+
LAW 386Law, Film and Literature (in Turkish)3.66 B+
LAW 401Law of Negotiable Instruments (in Turkish)2.51 C+
LAW 405International Human Rights Law2.89 B-
LAW 406International Commercial Arbitration1.86 C-
LAW 407Tax Law (in Turkish)2.97 B-
LAW 410Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (in Turkish)2.54 C+
LAW 411Criminal Procedure (in Turkish)2.29 C
LAW 412Labor Law (in Turkish)2.29 C
LAW 413European Union Law2.81 B-
LAW 418International Sales Law3.41 B+
LAW 420Turkish International Arbitration Law (in Turkish)3.40 B+
LAW 448Moot Court II 4.00 A
LAW 472Patent Law3.44 B+
LAW 476Legal Research, Analysis and Writing 3.53 B+
LAW 504Competition Law (in Turkish)2.35 C+
LAW 554Current Issues on Law of Torts (in Turkish)3.63 B+
LAW 562Legal and Administrative Aspects of Privatization (in Turkish)3.65 B+
LAW 590Pre-Thesis SeminarN/A X
LAW 599Master's ThesisN/A X
LAW 682Current Issues on Public Law (in Turkish)3.65 B+
LAW 689Pre-Thesis SeminarN/A X
LAW 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
LNG 111Spanish I2.93 B-
LNG 112Spanish II2.84 B-
LNG 113Spanish III3.00 B
LNG 121French I2.69 C+
LNG 122French II2.89 B-
LNG 131German I2.60 C+
LNG 132German II2.71 B-
LNG 133German III2.86 B-
LNG 134Intermediate German I3.01 B
LNG 141Italian I2.73 B-
LNG 142Italian II2.88 B-
LNG 161Russian I3.00 B
LNG 162Russian II2.87 B-
LNG 164Intermediate Russian I3.14 B
LNG 171Turkish I2.81 B-
LNG 172Turkish II2.77 B-
LNG 173Turkish III3.01 B
LNG 174Intermediate Turkish I3.08 B
LNG 179Advanced Turkish II3.24 B
LNG 221Chinese I2.83 B-
LNG 231Korean I3.10 B
LNG 232Korean II3.24 B
LNG 241Japanese I3.23 B
LNG 242Japanese II3.39 B+
LNG 243Japanese III3.36 B+
LNG 322Readings in French II3.94 A-
MAN 101Introduction to Business I2.29 C
MAN 102Introduction to Business II2.25 C
MAN 211Principles of Accounting I2.53 C+
MAN 213Principles of Financial Accounting2.40 C+
MAN 216Elements of Finance2.64 C+
MAN 256Introduction to Management Science2.55 C+
MAN 262Organizational Behavior2.50 C+
MAN 312Managerial Accounting2.32 C+
MAN 321Corporate Finance2.26 C
MAN 335Fundamentals of Marketing2.66 C+
MAN 341Production Management2.48 C+
MAN 361Organization Theory2.50 C+
MAN 399Summer PracticeN/A X
MAN 403International Business2.49 C+
MAN 406Business Strategy2.36 C+
MAN 414Auditing2.89 B-
MAN 416Financial Statement Analysis3.07 B
MAN 421Capital Markets and Institutions3.07 B
MAN 422International Finance2.73 B-
MAN 424Risk Management2.54 C+
MAN 431Marketing Research2.85 B-
MAN 432Consumer Behavior2.84 B-
MAN 436Services Marketing2.66 C+
MAN 443Operations Strategy3.25 B
MAN 447Project Management2.56 C+
MAN 451Decision Analysis2.84 B-
MAN 456Business Analytics3.02 B
MAN 486Managing Consulting ProjectsNew Course X
MAN 495Business Capstone Project3.55 B+
MAN 590Pro-Thesis SeminarN/A X
MAN 592Management and Organization Studies New Course X
MAN 593Research Paper IN/A X
MAN 599Master's Thesis ProjectN/A X
MAN 690Pre-Thesis SeminarN/A X
MAN 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
MATH 101Calculus I2.20 C
MATH 102Calculus II1.92 C-
MATH 103Thinking Mathematically I2.32 C+
MATH 104Thinking Mathematically II2.46 C+
MATH 105Introduction to Calculus I2.06 C
MATH 106Introduction to Calculus II1.98 C-
MATH 124Abstract Mathematics II2.09 C
MATH 132Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics2.33 C+
MATH 210Finite and Discrete Mathematics2.47 C+
MATH 214Advanced Calculus II2.10 C
MATH 220Linear Algebra2.52 C+
MATH 224Linear Algebra II2.26 C
MATH 225Linear Algebra and Differential Equations1.78 C-
MATH 227Introduction to Linear Algebra2.34 C+
MATH 230Probability and Statistics for Engineers2.43 C+
MATH 240Differential Equations2.40 C+
MATH 241Engineering Mathematics I1.97 C-
MATH 242Engineering Mathematics II2.49 C+
MATH 250Introduction to Probability2.32 C+
MATH 253Introduction to Number Theory2.50 C+
MATH 255Probability and Statistics2.45 C+
MATH 260Introduction to Statistics2.49 C+
MATH 262Statistical Methodology2.67 C+
MATH 264Statistics for Social Sciences2.33 C+
MATH 319Interpolation and Approximation1.75 C-
MATH 399Summer PracticeN/A X
MATH 414Functional Analysis2.15 C
MATH 440Dynamical Systems1.19 D
MATH 465Mathematical Foundations of Data Science1.40 D+
MATH 491Senior Project I3.85 A-
MATH 492Senior Project II2.73 B-
MATH 503Complex Analysis I3.53 B+
MATH 540Dynamical Systems1.50 D+
MATH 551Topics in Number Theory3.30 B+
MATH 565Mathematical Foundations of Data Science1.89 C-
MATH 583Topics in Mathematical Physics INew Course X
MATH 597Graduate Seminars in Mathematics IN/A X
MATH 598Graduate Seminars in Mathematics IIN/A X
MATH 599Master's ThesisN/A X
MATH 626Cohomology of GroupsNew Course X
MATH 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
MBA 522Corporate Finance3.02 B
MBA 525Investment Analysis II3.89 A-
MBA 532Marketing Management3.28 B
MBA 561Managing People and Organizations3.48 B+
MBA 591Business Strategy3.46 B+
MBA 592Business Practice Project3.62 B+
MBA 602MBA ProjectN/A X
MBA 634Strategic Behavior and Competition3.66 B+
MBG 102Biology II2.74 B-
MBG 110Introduction to Modern Biology2.68 C+
MBG 222Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics 2.00 C
MBG 223Molecular Genetics2.78 B-
MBG 230Experimental Approaches in Molecular and Cellular Biology2.99 B-
MBG 291Summer Practice IN/A X
MBG 302Molecular Biology of the Cell II2.89 B-
MBG 312Biochemistry II3.16 B
MBG 316Physiology2.87 B-
MBG 338Microbiology2.91 B-
MBG 391Summer Practice IIN/A X
MBG 418Genomics3.27 B
MBG 470Immunology3.25 B
MBG 472Introduction to Stem Cells3.58 B+
MBG 487Special Techniques in Molecular Genetics3.30 B+
MBG 491Senior Project I3.89 A-
MBG 492Senior Project II3.85 A-
MBG 505Advanced Molecular Genetics3.74 A-
MBG 510Special Topics in Molecular Biology II3.19 B
MBG 513Bioinformatics3.81 A-
MBG 599Master's ThesisN/A X
MBG 602Molecular and Cellular Immunology3.57 B+
MBG 603Molecular Bases of Cancer3.68 B+
MBG 617Experimental Molecular Biology and Genetics II4.00 A
MBG 624Seminars in Molecular Genetics IIN/A X
MBG 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
ME 101Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering2.47 C+
ME 102Introduction to Systems Engineering2.24 C
ME 212Thermo-Fluids Engineering II1.82 C-
ME 232Mechanics and Materials II2.74 B-
ME 342Dynamics and Control II 2.24 C
ME 361Numerical Methods for Engineers1.69 D+
ME 381Design and Manufacturing 2.59 C+
ME 384Mechatronic Systems2.67 C+
ME 436Energy Conversion Systems2.28 C
ME 464Topics in Modern Dynamics New Course X
ME 474Mobile RobotsNew Course X
ME 482Mechanical Engineering Design II3.56 B+
ME 490Undergraduate Research in ME3.59 B+
ME 564Topics in Modern DynamicsNew Course X
ME 574Mobile Robots3.40 B+
ME 590Mechanical Engineering SeminarN/A X
ME 599Master's ThesisN/A X
ME 690Mechanical Engineering SeminarN/A X
ME 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
MSC 100Freshman ConcertN/A X
MSC 104Symphony Orchestra II3.49 B+
MSC 106Ear Training for Non-Majors II3.18 B
MSC 107Individual Music Studies3.49 B+
MSC 108Individual Music Studies II3.57 B+
MSC 110The Culture and Basics of Music Making3.21 B
MSC 112Composition II3.48 B+
MSC 114Instrumentation 3.70 A-
MSC 121Fundamentals of Musicianship IN/A X
MSC 122Fundamentals of Musicianship IIN/A X
MSC 131Instrument I2.66 C+
MSC 132Instrument II2.37 C+
MSC 133Chamber Music I3.11 B
MSC 134Chamber Music II3.25 B
MSC 152Singing Voice II3.17 B
MSC 153Bilkent Chorale I4.00 A
MSC 154Bilkent Chorale II3.97 A-
MSC 156Diction for Singers German/ French4.00 A
MSC 172Theory II: Harmony and Voice Leading3.00 B
MSC 174Opera and Instrumental Music in the Baroque Period2.67 C+
MSC 200Sophomore ConcertN/A X
MSC 204Symphony Orchestra IV3.63 B+
MSC 207Individual Music Studies III3.36 B+
MSC 208Individual Music Studies IV3.62 B+
MSC 211Composition III3.43 B+
MSC 232Instrument IV2.15 C
MSC 234Chamber Music IV2.99 B-
MSC 250Singing for Theatre II3.97 A-
MSC 251Singing Voice III3.70 A-
MSC 253Bilkent Chorale III4.00 A
MSC 254Bilkent Chorale IV4.00 A
MSC 256Vocal Literature German/FrenchNew Course X
MSC 272Theory IV: Classical Form2.98 B-
MSC 300Junior ConcertN/A X
MSC 304Symphony Orchestra VI2.66 C+
MSC 311Composition V3.03 B
MSC 321Tonal Counterpoint3.39 B+
MSC 322Post - Tonal Theory2.71 B-
MSC 332Instrument VI2.47 C+
MSC 334Chamber Music VI3.04 B
MSC 352Singing Voice VINew Course X
MSC 399Summer PracticeN/A X
MSC 400Senior ConcertN/A X
MSC 402Department Seminar VIIIN/A X
MSC 403Symphony Orchestra VII3.01 B
MSC 404Symphony Orchestra VIII3.36 B+
MSC 412Composition VIII: Graduation Project2.28 C
MSC 425Conducting II3.31 B+
MSC 427Conducting IV3.67 B+
MSC 431Instrument VII2.89 B-
MSC 432Instrument VIII: Graduation Concert1.51 D+
MSC 433Chamber Music VII2.43 C+
MSC 434Chamber Music VIII3.34 B+
MSC 470Career and Professional Development for MusiciansNew Course X
MSC 541Master's Final Concert3.34 B+
MSC 599Master's ThesisN/A X
MSN 501Atomic Structure, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Materials3.41 B+
MSN 507Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials3.19 B
MSN 510Imaging Techniques in Materials Science and Nanotechnology3.29 B
MSN 512Biomedical Materials3.54 B+
MSN 514Computational Methods for Material Science and Complex Systems3.81 A-
MSN 518Nanoscience and Nanotechnology II3.59 B+
MSN 533Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage3.54 B+
MSN 541Nanobiotechnology3.58 B+
MSN 556Optical Fibers3.51 B+
MSN 598Seminar IN/A X
MSN 599Master's ThesisN/A X
MSN 698Seminar IIN/A X
MSN 699Ph.D. ThesisN/A X
NSC 511Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience 3.39 B+
NSC 516Neurobiology of AgingNew Course X
NSC 591Pro-thesis Seminar IN/A X
NSC 599Neuroscience Master's ThesisN/A X
NSC 691Pro-thesis Seminar IIN/A X
NSC 699Neuroscience Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
PHIL 101Introduction to Logic2.17 C
PHIL 102Ancient Philosophy2.88 B-
PHIL 104Introduction to Philosophy II3.12 B
PHIL 202Ethics3.29 B
PHIL 204Empiricists2.98 B-
PHIL 243Social and Political Philosophy I3.06 B
PHIL 244Social and Political Philosophy II3.12 B
PHIL 301Political Philosophy3.19 B
PHIL 302Social and Legal Philosophy3.12 B
PHIL 304History and Philosophy of Science3.20 B
PHIL 306Philosophy of Language2.62 C+
PHIL 308Philosophy of Mind3.13 B
PHIL 399Summer Training IIN/A X
PHIL 403Senior Thesis I2.46 C+
PHIL 404Senior Thesis II2.45 C+
PHIL 418Philosophy of Cognitive ScienceNew Course X
PHIL 421Feminist Philosophy3.23 B
PHIL 502Research Preparation in Philosophy II3.72 A-
PHIL 504Philosophy of Cognitive ScienceNew Course X
PHIL 507Feminist Philosophy3.80 A-
PHIL 534Social and Legal Philosophy3.11 B
PHIL 591Thesis Seminar IN/A X
PHIL 599M.A.DissertationN/A X
PHIL 691Thesis Seminar IIN/A X
PHIL 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
PHYS 101General Physics I2.39 C+
PHYS 102General Physics II2.30 C+
PHYS 124Freshman Project3.66 B+
PHYS 180Conceptual Physics3.48 B+
PHYS 212Modern Physics2.46 C+
PHYS 218Analytical Mechanics2.32 C+
PHYS 242Advanced Calculus for Applications in Physics2.30 C+
PHYS 316Electromagnetic Theory II3.30 B+
PHYS 326Quantum Mechanics II2.76 B-
PHYS 334Statistical Physics2.50 C+
PHYS 374Experimental Methods of Physics3.51 B+
PHYS 405Theory of General Relativity2.55 C+
PHYS 446Condensed Matter Physics II3.36 B+
PHYS 492Senior Project II3.26 B
PHYS 542Electromagnetic Theory II3.15 B
PHYS 544Advanced Quantum Mechanics II3.52 B+
PHYS 552Statistical Physics3.17 B
PHYS 580Experimental Methods in Applied Physics3.90 A-
PHYS 592Graduate Seminar IIN/A X
PHYS 599Master's ThesisN/A X
PHYS 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
POLS 101Introduction to Political Science I2.36 C+
POLS 104Introduction to Political Science II2.79 B-
POLS 201Fundamentals of Social Research2.80 B-
POLS 303Comparative Politics I2.80 B-
POLS 304Comparative Politics II2.80 B-
POLS 305Turkish Political Development2.80 B-
POLS 306Contemporary Turkish Politics2.84 B-
POLS 309Turkish Political Thought INew Course X
POLS 338Cosmopolis: From the Roman to the Ottoman and British Empires2.72 B-
POLS 343Social Theory: Past and Present1.38 D+
POLS 399Summer TrainingN/A X
POLS 411Gender and Politics3.11 B
POLS 452State Society and Citizenship in Turkey3.01 B
POLS 463Politics of Security3.05 B
POLS 465Governance and Public Policy 2.80 B-
POLS 467Conflict, Violence, and Peace2.73 B-
POLS 469Regional Security in the Middle East2.85 B-
POLS 488Film and Politics 2.85 B-
POLS 496Aesthetics and Politics2.24 C
POLS 536Turkish Politics in Comparative Perspective3.67 B+
POLS 551Pre-Thesis Seminar IN/A X
POLS 569Regional Security in the Middle East3.73 A-
POLS 596Aesthetics and Politics3.38 B+
POLS 599Master's ThesisN/A X
POLS 602Seminar in Comparative Politics3.63 B+
POLS 632The Turkish Right 3.77 A-
POLS 637State and Power 3.63 B+
POLS 651Pre-Thesis Seminar IN/A X
POLS 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
POLS 4536Turkish Politics in Comparative Perspective2.19 C
POLS 4637State and PowerNew Course X
POLS 5463Politics of Security3.81 A-
POLS 5467Conflict, Violence, and Peace2.52 C+
PREP 111Elementary N/A X
PREP 121Pre-intermediateN/A X
PREP 131Intermediate N/A X
PREP 141Upper-intermediateN/A X
PREP 155Pre-faculty N/A X
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology2.78 B-
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology I / Cognitive and Biological2.29 C
PSYC 102Introduction to Social Psychology2.76 B-
PSYC 103Introduction to Psychology II / Social and Developmental2.64 C+
PSYC 200Cognitive Psychology2.63 C+
PSYC 203Statistics I2.60 C+
PSYC 204Research Methods I2.62 C+
PSYC 205Statistics II2.86 B-
PSYC 206Research Methods II3.27 B
PSYC 220Brain and Behavior2.49 C+
PSYC 230Social Psychology2.87 B-
PSYC 240Developmental Psychology2.65 C+
PSYC 310Perception, Attention, and Action2.88 B-
PSYC 320Cognitive Neuroscience2.84 B-
PSYC 340Learning, Remembering, and Thinking2.55 C+
PSYC 350Cognitive and Social Development2.75 B-
PSYC 360Individual Differences and Personality2.79 B-
PSYC 391Directed Research in Psychology3.94 A-
PSYC 399Summer TrainingN/A X
PSYC 405Introduction to FMRI3.22 B
PSYC 410Neuropsychology2.83 B-
PSYC 430Clinical Psychology2.89 B-
PSYC 431Psychological Testing and Measurement3.00 B
PSYC 433Abnormal Psychology2.73 B-
PSYC 434Child and Adolescent Psychopathology3.40 B+
PSYC 442Psychology of Language2.87 B-
PSYC 449Clinical Interview Skills and Techniques3.80 A-
PSYC 498Senior Project I3.82 A-
PSYC 499Senior Project II3.92 A-
PSYC 501Advanced Cognitive Psychology3.68 B+
PSYC 512Current Directions in Social Cognition Research from a Developmental Perspective3.87 A-
PSYC 521Principles of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging3.50 B+
PSYC 591Pro-Thesis Seminar IN/A X
PSYC 599M.A. DissertationN/A X
PSYC 673Advanced Training in Psychological Research II2.35 C+
PSYC 691Pro-Thesis Seminar IIN/A X
PSYC 699Ph.D. DissertationN/A X
SFL 392Common European Framework of Reference Level B2N/A X
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology2.57 C+
TE 590Advanced Teaching PracticeN/A X
TEFL 512Issues in ESP3.62 B+
TEFL 531Research Methods in Linguistics I3.21 B
TEFL 532Research Methods in Linguistics II3.66 B+
TEFL 550Thesis SeminarN/A X
TEFL 554Thesis WritingN/A X
TEFL 555Written Academic Discourse3.69 B+
TEFL 556Seminar in TEFL1.85 C-
THEA 181Acting Techniques I-Singing1.43 D+
THM 105Service Business Management2.23 C
THM 106Principles of Accounting2.09 C
THM 125Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Age1.41 D+
THM 168Nutrition and Sanitation2.20 C
THM 244Food Production Techniques2.95 B-
THM 245Purchasing and Cost Analysis1.42 D+
THM 246Restaurant Service2.94 B-
THM 303Statistics and Quantitative Methods1.93 C-
THM 309Principles of Marketing2.56 C+
THM 310Semester Internship2.92 B-
THM 323International Cuisines3.12 B
THM 327Event Management1.47 D+
THM 415Finance2.19 C
THM 416Revenue Management and Data Analytics3.58 B+
THM 418Senior Project3.50 B+
THM 419Strategic Management in Hospitality2.22 C
THR 102Fundamentals of Acting II3.10 B
THR 104Voice and Speech II3.05 B
THR 106Movement and Combat II2.93 B-
THR 108Dance II3.68 B+
THR 110Introduction to Theatre3.31 B+
THR 112Phonetics II3.36 B+
THR 202Acting II2.83 B-
THR 204Voice and Speech IV2.69 C+
THR 206Movement and Combat IV3.26 B
THR 228History of Theater II: Renaissance to 20th Century3.08 B
THR 302Acting IV 3.67 B+
THR 332Textual Interpretation and Analysis II2.97 B-
THR 339Playwriting3.44 B+
THR 428History of Turkish Theater3.87 A-
THR 432Textual Interpretation and Analysis IV3.32 B+
THR 452Senior Project II3.56 B+
TRIN 112French Turkish Translation3.02 B
TRIN 122English-Turkish Translation3.00 B
TRIN 134Texts and Composition in French II3.47 B+
TRIN 222Translation Studies II2.08 C
TRIN 228French Culture and Civilisation3.33 B+
TRIN 241Translation of Economic and Financial Texts3.44 B+
TRIN 242Specialised Translation II: Localisation3.00 B
TRIN 268Sight Translation II2.92 B-
TRIN 336Introduction to Simultaneous Interpretation2.92 B-
TRIN 364Literary Translation (English-Turkish)3.43 B+
TRIN 366Literary Translation (French-Turkish)3.10 B
TRIN 399Common European FrameworkN/A X
TRIN 462English-French Translation Workshop II3.20 B
TRIN 464Professional Communication for Interpreters3.52 B+
TRIN 467Methodology in Translation CriticismNew Course X
TRIN 473Advanced Turkish Communication3.20 B
TRIN 484Simultaneous Interpretation II: Fieldwork+Projectwork3.57 B+
TRIN 486Translation project for official texts and documents3.06 B
TRIN 490Capstone ProjectNew Course X
TURK 101Turkish I3.27 B
TURK 102Turkish II3.40 B+